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How to Become a VIP Client - and Why It's Awesome

I️ was thinking the other day… You know how airlines, hotels, and even coffee shops have reward programs that foster brand loyalty? Why don’t more businesses, including photography studios, do the same? Instead of waiting around for the idea to become popular, I decided I’d go ahead and jump right in because rewarding you for choosing us is the least we can do.

Below I’ve outlined how you can work toward becoming a VIP client with our studio and have also listed the handful of reasons why it pays to be loyal!

How to Earn VIP Status

I wanted to keep this simple, because who wants to do a bunch of complicated math? Answer: definitely not me, and probably nobody (with the exception of maybe Einstein but, you know, it’s Einstein).

In order to earn VIP status with the studio, you must complete any one of the following (not all three, but it’s not like I️'m going to stop you). Also, there are no time restrictions because if you keep coming back to me over the years, that’s enough loyalty for me!

  1. Book 8 mini sessions

  2. Book 4 regular sessions

  3. Spend $1000 in print/product

The Perks of Being VIP:

  1. You’ll earn a special thank-you gift from us

  2. You get first choice in picking a session time

  3. You get first dibs on limited sessions and mini sessions

  4. You get 10% off all prints and products

  5. You get 10% off all regular sessions

  6. You get our eternal thanks!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email, phone, or social media. I️'m at the ready to respond!

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