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4 Tips to Prepare for Your Fresh 48 Session

A Fresh 48 session is perfect for new parents who want to have those first hours professionally and beautifully documented with their newborn baby, but who don’t necessarily want a live birth session. That said, it’s also a great extension session to add to a birth session if you want additional images.

As the name implies, Fresh 48 sessions occur within the first 24 to 48 hours after your child is born, and the session takes place either at the hospital or at home (depending on your preferences and when you’re formally discharged if you have a hospital birth). To help give you a better idea of what a Fresh 48 session is like, and to help you prepare for yours should you choose to book, I’ve laid out a few details below.

A grandma and a big sister meet the baby for the first time.

Figure Out Who You Want to Be There

Who’s present for your Fresh 48 session is completely up to you. It can just be you and baby or you, your significant other, and baby. You can incorporate your children, grandparents, godparents, or other family and friends, as well.

Inform Friends, Family, and Hospital Staff

Two friends pound fists in celebration of a new baby born.  Grandma and big sister can be seen in the background, sitting together on the couch.

It’s always good to have everyone on the same page for your Fresh 48 session. Give friends and family a heads up since this may influence the way they choose to dress or interact on that day. Also, notify hospital staff that you have a professional photographer coming in. They’ll want to know what time and for how long to ensure there aren’t any staff interruptions, and likely the photographer’s name for the visitation list. If you’re having a home birth, notify your doula.

Call Your Photographer

Once you’ve given birth, text or call me to notify me and formally schedule your session for a time within the next 48 hours. Sessions typically last anywhere from one to two hours.

A new mom smiles at her baby during a Fresh48 session

Wear Something Neutral and Comfortable

We know that clothing is probably the last thing on your mind, and fortunately there aren’t really many ground rules for what to wear to a Fresh 48. We just suggest wearing something that you feel comfortable in, and something neutral that will photograph well. Try to avoid crazy prints, and instead opt for solid black, gray, beige, cream, or white. Your hospital gown or a simple t-shirt or camisole with comfortable leggings is great. Others ought to wear neutral colors and simple silhouettes, as well.


I hope you found this blog post helpful! If you’re interested in booking me for your Fresh48 pictures or the birth of your baby, visit the booking page. It's an honor to be considered.

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