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Studio vs. Lifestyle


A studio-style shoot is always indoors.  Natural lighting can be used if it's available, but most typically, studio lights are used.  The backdrop for a studio shoot can be as simple or as elaborate as someone would like to create.  At Hartstein Photography, we lean into the simple so the focus is solely on the subject.  A beautiful portrait is our goal.  Studio shoots often feel more posed than lifestyle.  However, we will sometimes give a child something to do - like blow bubbles - and this can have a more lifestyle feel to it. 


This is perfect for documenting what someone looks like at any stage in their life.



A lifestyle shoot can happen anywhere there is good lighting.  These images often feel unposed, because it's oftentimes photographing something happening.  A family taking a walk in the woods, giving baby her first bath, Grandma reading the kids a story, "a day in the life of Jimmy" where we follow Jimmy around all day and take pictures of everything he does.  We're less concerned about getting a beautiful shot of faces looking at the camera and more concerned about all of the beautiful details - the kids' little feet compared to their parents on the leaf-covered trail, baby's laugh as she splashes the bathwater, Grandma's hands holding the book, the shape Jimmy's lips make as he plays choo-choo on the floor.

This is perfect for documenting what it felt like when someone is in any stage of life.

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