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Bellies (Maternity)

Motherhood (Mom & Baby)

Heirloom Portraits

Slow this time in your life down with a Vanity Fair style photoshoot experience.  It all begins with a pre-consultation with Andrea to connect about the details, at a scheduled time before the day of the shoot.  A Hair and Makeup Artist will meet us at the shoot location to help complete your look.  Plan for roughly a three hour period from start (H&M) to finish (end of the shoot), longer if a baby is involved.  This time is designed to be fun, relaxed, unhurried - baby can interrupt and we can take as much time as we need.  

Booking fee $350

I️ncludes Hair, Makeup & Photoshoot




This is the photoshoot you never knew you needed.  A birth is truly one of those experiences that will never happen with this particular child in this particular way again.  Andrea arrives when mom is admitted to the birthing location and she stays until 2 hours after the baby is born.  She quietly documents the events that unfold so that dad can be holding mom's hand, where he belongs.  

Birth Package $1250

I️ncludes Time On-Call, The Birth Documented, A Slideshow of Images, The Youngbook + .mov



Those first 48 hours are so fleeting.  These are the first moments of being a new family together.  During this one hour shoot, Andrea will meet you at the birthing location or your home (if you've already left the birthing location) to capture all of the details of this special moment in your lives.  

Booking fee $250

I️ncludes Photoshoot, Slideshow, 25 Flat Birth Announcements & 15 4x6 Prints



Hartstein Photography creates lasting memories of life's most treasured moments to be enjoyed for generations to come through a personalized experience and high-quality products. 

Set of 25 Cards starting at $99

Images starting at $249

Albums starting at $499

Folio Packages starting at $800

Boxed Prints starting at $845

All prints & product include the digital file

"The Youngbook" with video player
Premium Wood Window Folio Box with 20 Matted 11x14 Prints
"The Evan" Box with 3 vials
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