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Here’s the Low Down on Birth Photography

While newborn photography and maternity images are very common place in the photography sphere, birth sessions aren’t quite as familiar to people. To help you understand more about birth photography — and to determine if it’s the kind of thing you’d like to have — I’ve answered some of my most common questions below.

What Style is Birth Photography?

Delivering a baby is an incredible feat that’s packed with raw moments, emotion, and action. I️ take a candid/journalistic approach to my birth photography. The images you’ll get will feel like you’re reliving the day or, for those close family and friends who weren’t present, as if they were part of the event itself.

How Does the Photographer Know When to Show Up?

Like your OBGYN, once you book me I️'m on call in the weeks leading up to and following your due date. I️'m at-the-ready to hop in my car and drive to wherever you’re delivering your baby. I️ ask that I'm notified once Mom goes into labor. Once you've booked your birth, you'll receive a welcome packet that includes specifics about what to expect.

What if I Don’t Want Certain Images Shot?

What I️ photograph during your birthing session is 100% up to you, and you’re welcome to change your mind at any time. We’ll have a chat beforehand to make sure we’re all on the same page about what to shoot and what not to shoot, and then you can make calls throughout your delivery, as well. There are certain shots I'm not *allowed* to shoot in hopsitals. For example, I'm not allowed to shoot any procedures.

Do You Post the Images Anywhere?

Once you've recevieved your gallery, there is a section titled "Photographer Favorites" and these are the ones I would be most interested in sharing in order to inspire and encourage growth in my business. I share images on social media, on this blog and on my website. I️ do my best to be very mindful regarding your privacy. By nature, I don't post riske' images. I have a fairly modest shooting style. Often times, it's only been at the encouragement of "Mom" that I *should* share a more raw image, because of how much she loved it and thinks the world needs to see it. I️ do submit my favorite images yearly to photography contests to help me grow as an artist and technical photographer. It's always very exciting when your images come back award winning.

How Do I Get the Images?

Unless you've booked your birth a la carte, your digitial images come with your collection. Every client receives access to their own personal Client Portal. It's inside the Client Portal where you will find all of sessions we've every photographed together and where you can download your images. It's also within the onling galleries that you can order products such as canvases or gift prints. I️ can also create an entire gorgeous album that features images from your delivery. These images are usually edited and delivered to you for proofing within a few weeks of your child’s birth.

Are you expecting a baby (congratulations!) and ready to chat with Andrea to see if she's a good fit for your family? Schedule a time to connect today!



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