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The Birth of Loxley. Part Three.

A brand new baby lies on his mother's stomach.

This is the third part to the Birth of Loxley with some final thoughts from Loxley's mother, Brittany. If you haven't read parts one or two yet, you will find part one here and you will find part two here.

When asked about how she knew when the baby was coming, Brittany shares,

I said since the beginning that even though my due date was august 7, there’s a full moon on the 1st and baby would be born then. It kind of became a joke, but I meant it. July 31 I woke up with a ton of energy and excitement after weeks of being pretty worn down. I spent the day out and playing with my son Everett, grocery shopping, and finishing up my affirmation cards for labor. That night we picked up Ricky (my husband) from work and decided to have a family night at the lake to watch the sunset. I just knew it would be soon and wanted one last outing as a family of three. We spent the night out, I watched them play in the lake and bottled up the moment and the giggles and the joyfulness. Next we came home and I let Everett have a special big brother bowl of ice cream and showered up and went to bed. Baby was much more active that night as I was falling asleep and I knew he was ready to come soon. I woke up from contractions starting at 3am, just a few hours later, on August 1st. I knew it the whole time!

As mentioned in part one, this wasn't the first time that I photographed a birth for Ricky and Brittany. I was also there for the birth of their son, Everett. Birth photography, by nature, is a very personal and intimate moment in the life of a family. It's not lost on me what a sacred honor and privilege it is to be invited into this space or what a great responsibility it is to preserve these memories for the family, if not for generations to come.

I loved it! Andrea did our birth photography for our son Everett and when we first saw the pictures I remember thinking— wow, I wouldn’t have remembered that part of the story. The pictures put all the pieces together and bring the memories to life again, which is such a beautiful gift, especially when it’s the birth of your child. I didn’t feel nervous to have them done, we were so comfortable with Andrea and felt her support as well! They are stunning! Each one is so special!

If you are expecting and considering birth photography for your own family, Brittany has a bit of advice for you. She says,

Aside from liking their style, find a birth photographer you feel comfortable with! We knew we needed someone with an uplifting personality that we didn’t have to second-guess. Even though they don’t “deliver” the baby, they are part of the birth journey and a huge moment of you and your baby’s life. So find someone that respects your birth wishes and sees your birth as a unique story. You’ll worry a lot less about the camera if you trust who is behind it.


You just finished reading about the birth of Loxley.

I hope you found this blog post helpful! If you’re interested in booking me for your birth photography, visit the booking page. It's an honor to be considered.

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