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Give The Gift This Season Of A Photo Session

Do you get to the holiday season and find yourself at a loss as to what to buy for someone special in your life? It seems like this happens to me every year and it's not necessarily the same person in my life. I️ have an aunt who loves cats and I'm always buying her gifts with cats on them. My dad loves golf and I️ can't tell you how many golf balls and golf themed gifts I've given him over the years. I️t doesn't take long before I️ feel like I'm giving the same gifts over and over.

I️ thought I️ was being clever one year and I️ bought my dad this generic photo book about all the reaons people love having a dad. I️ circled my favorite things and wrote in my own thoughts. When I️ gave it to him, he started laughing. I️ didn't understand why until he told me, "You already gave me this at Father's Day!!" Ohhhh, no. Has something like that ever happened to you? It's because of moments like that one I️ really kind of loathe gift hunting.

Here are five scenarios when a gift card to Hartstein Photography is *actually* a great idea!

  1. This person already has everything. However, a photography session with their family is a spectacular idea to make even more memories for them. They can frame these in the end and fill their home and workplace with photos of the ones they love.

  2. They can pamper themselves. Maybe she's recently had a baby. Not only might she be feeling exhausted, but it's might have been awhile since she's felt attractive. To make matters worse, she has lots of pictures of the baby and her family with the baby, but can only think of a photo or two of herself in the picture, too. She might already be slightly worried that by the time anyone realizes it, the baby will no longer be a baby and her opportunity to capture her relationship with her baby is lost forever. How about a "Motherhood" photoshoot? This gives her 3 hours of pampering. Full hair and makeup done and 3-5 beautiful outfits and dresses laid out, and in the end, she can enjoy beautiful pictures of herself and her children for the rest of her life.

  3. This gift cerfiticate allows them on a date with their signifcant other. Baby is on the way and there is only so much time left alone! What a sweet, romantic way for them to escape and enjoy each other. Documenting this time in their lives makes it all the sweeter.

  4. They might use it as a surprise. Perhaps this person is expecting and has been thinking of ways to be creative and make an announcement. A photo session is a memorable way to say, "I'm pregnant!" (Maybe that someone who needs this photo session is not someone else at all - maybe YOU have a surprise to share!)

  5. The cake will be eaten, the baby will grow out of the clothes - but the pictures will last forever. Sometimes, birth photography can feel like a luxury that is hard to justify buying for yourself. When someone or a few someones go in together to make this happen, it can be emotional. What a treasure you're giving them. Not sure how they'd feel about having a birth photographer in the room? A Fresh48 session is the next best thing and can always be upgraded if they do want the full experience!


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