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Michiana Photographer

Capture your baby's story.


Time-stopping.  Rich & Deep.  Story-telling.

Your baby photography is your one chance to look back at this monumental moment, the birth of a new baby, and tell your story.

There are an infinite amount of details a couple must consider before their baby arrives. There's the nursery decor, the diaper stockpile, feeding supplies, strollers, cribs, choosing who will deliver the baby, where you will deliver the baby & of course, but the most important decision you will make is your belly • birth • baby photographer.

I believe that you have a story to tell with the birth of your new baby. Your pictures should truly capture you and your loved ones, with photographs that are modern, yet timeless. You should be able to remember not just what you did during your baby's first year, but also how you felt.


Watch the video to learn more about how I can tell the story of your baby's birth.


Maternity • Birth • Fresh48 • Newborn • Baby Plan (3-6-9-12) • Motherhood

Your Story.

Your baby photos should tell your story.  I love capturing every detail, from the toes and belly button and hospital bracelets.  Each image is a part of your baby's story.  I love working with each family to showcase their baby's first year and the beginning of their story!


Schedule a free consultation.

"Consultation" sounds so formal.  It's really not.  The best way I've found to answer your questions is to get together to talk about them.  I️  would love to get to know you and offer you something to drink - but "getting together" doesn't necessarily mean in person.  We could meet over zoom or over a phone call.  

Plus, if you setup a consultation before December 31st, you will qualify for the current special booking promotion - your chance to get a set of 25 free baby announcement cards. It's my 'thank you' to you for being brave! 

Schedule your consultation to learn more.

When you schedule a time for us to get together, I'll also email you my full menu.

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