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When you're celebrating your baby's first birthday, what will you remember about the day they were born?

What about on their tenth birthday?

Every Newborn Model gets...

Meet with the photographer

  • a pre-consultation via phone or zoom

  • viewing sessions after each session

A Newborn Session

  • One Hour Photoshoot in Andrea's Home Studio

ALL of the images presented

  • a client portal where you'll find all things photography related

  • a slideshow of your images

  • all of the digital images presented at your viewing session

Ways to make sharing easy

  • social media ready pngs

  • personalized cards to pass along

  • gift vouchers to pass along to friends 

  • referral rewards

Every Newborn Model Family must understand...

  • the primary goal for Andrea is to learn a new technique

  • the images will be used for marketing purposes

  • Products are available to see and purchase at each viewing session for 20% off

Meet the Photographer

I'm Andrea Hartstein, a certified professional photographer & I️ help families celebrate the births and lives of their children!

Many parents have the best of intentions to document the beginning of their children's lives only to look back with disappointment at the lack of pictures and the lack of quality with no way to get the moments back.  At Hartstein Photography, your baby's story is beautifully told in a way that when you look back on the beginning of your child's life, not only will you remember what happened, but you will remember how it felt when you first met your baby.

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How does it work?

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Secure your due-date
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Relax and enjoy your pictures for generations

Time-stopping.  Story-telling.

Your baby photography is your one chance to look back at this monumental moment, the birth of a new baby, and tell your story.

You have got so much to think about before the baby comes . There's the nursery decor, the diaper stockpile, feeding supplies, strollers, cribs, choosing who will deliver the baby, where you will deliver the baby & of course, one of the most important decisions could possibly be who your belly • birth • baby photographer is. They are responsible for increasing what you remember and how you remember it.

I believe that you have a story to tell with the birth of your new baby. It's a story of anticipation, of love & support between partners, of a growing family, of the start of the life of a new person.  Your pictures should genuinely capture you and your loved ones, with photographs that are modern, yet timeless. Everyone should be able to look back at when their kids were little and remember what it was like. 

I'm here to help you do it.


Maternity • Birth • Fresh48 • Newborn • Baby Plan (3-6-9-12) • Motherhood

This Sounds Amazing

How much does photography
cost with Hartstein Photography? 

"When I️ had my first baby, I thought a nurse could take pictures.  I have one picture of my husband holding her that the nurse took. 
I'm not even in our 'birth' picture.

When I had my second baby, my husband assured me that he would take pictures for us in the OR.
He took one beautiful picture that's on our wall.  But now he's not in our 'birth' picture.

So while there's a monetary cost that enables me to be there, an equally important question to ask is, what will it cost to not do it?

When a family entrusts me with their memories, they get a minimum of sixty images that tell the story of their baby's birth.  And the whole family is in them like they should be.  This is the life event that I specialize in.  I️'m aware of the important moments to look for.  I'm trained in low-light scenarios.  I'm committed to making sure you have more memories than I️ do, without taking away any of your snuggle time with your new baby."

Andrea Hartstein,
Certified Professional Photographer


Birth Photography Packages

starting at $1249

Fresh48 & Newborn Packages

starting at $249

Maternity Packages

starting at $249

The Baby Plan Package

starting at $1249

The Newborn Model Program



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"Consultation" sounds so formal.  It's really not.  The best way I've found to answer your questions is to talk about them in real-time.  Let's meet over zoom or on a phone call.  The entire phone call usually lasts about 15 minutes.

When you schedule a time for us to get together, I'll also email you my full menu.