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Location Ideas

Links to Ideas

Elkhart County Parks

St Joseph County Parks

Wellfield Botanic Gardens*

Potawatomi Conservatories

Berrien County Parks

*Requires an additional $50 fee for photography permit

Other ideas ... 

Downtown Goshen, IN

Downtown Three Oaks, MI

The Beach (there are some great creeks near Warren Dunes, too)

See more thoughts below about allowing an activity to dictate your location.

Get Creative

We can truly make any location work.  Most of the park locations are popular because they are pretty locations.  If you are looking for a portrait-style family shoot with everyone looking at the camera, then parks work really well.  But there is another option. 


Lifestyle photography is more of unposed images - when your family is more or less doing an activity and I️  document it happening.  This is when you tend to get images back that evoke emotion and remind you of what it was like in that moment of your life.  The best way to plan a lifestyle shoot is to start by picking an activity (which usually dictates the location).  Some ideas of activities:  Going for a hike and exploring, getting ice cream at an ice cream parlor, blowing bubbles in your backyard, going on a picnic, going to a baseball game, playing a game yourselves, picking flowers or fruit at a U-Pick.

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