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Bellies • Birth • Babies

Telling the
birth stories of Michiana babies.

and you, birth professional -
you're a big part of the story.

"Birth matters,

and I believe the way a child is brought into the world has an important impact on the rest of life.  Helping with that transition is an honor." - Anjli Aurora Hinman, CNM

Meet the Photographer

I'm Andrea Hartstein, a certified professional photographer & I️ help families celebrate the births and lives of their children!

Many parents have the best of intentions to document the beginning of their children's lives only to look back with disappointment at the lack of pictures and the lack of quality with no way to get the moments back.  At Hartstein Photography, each baby's story is beautifully told in a way that when families look back on the beginning of their child's life, not only will they remember what happened, but they will remember how it felt when they first met their baby.


As a member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, I️ am held to a Code of Ethics

CPP_logo_Red 2020.png

The Details.

I️'m a certified professional photographer and I️ help families celebrate the births and lives of their children.

My goals in every birth include:

  • Arriving when mom is admitted to the hospital or birthing center

  • Staying out of the way

  • Telling the whole story

  • Being a comfort and a help

  • Being an extra pair of hands

  • Being respectful of the rules and expectations of all

  • Avoiding official procedures & creatively capturing that portion of the story another way.

  • Avoiding photographing anyone who isn't the baby or the baby's family

    • unless the birth professional has referred me and would like pictures of them working for their own use


The Location.


No matter the location, I'm happy to be there. 


Birthing Centers.


Parking Garages.

Ok. That last one hasn't happened yet, but I've seen and heard some stories I hope to experience myself someday! If I'm there and "mom" happens to be giving birth, you better believe I'll have the camera ready.


That being said, I️ am happy to travel anywhere in Michiana (and probably even further - the furthest I've traveled so far was to Ft. Wayne). 

The Client Portal.

Every client I️ work with gets access to their Client Portal. They log in and find all of their photography-related things in one place.  Questionnaires they've responded to or have yet to respond to.  All of their dates for upcoming photography sessions. Galleries of all past photography sessions.  

And every birth professional I️ work with gets one, too.


You'll be able to quickly see all of the births we've worked on together.


Find all of the ways you can communicate with me - email, text, phone, social media.  


You will have a curated gallery from each birth I️  attend.  It will have all pictures of you and your staff working, pictures of the outside of the building, and with mom/dad's permission, pictures of you holding baby. Every image that is in the gallery will have been approved by Mom & Dad with a model release form, will be downloadable & will include a limited release form from Hartstein Photography so that you can use these images for your own marketing.


Sneak a peek from one of
my favorite births

You are an expert.

You are a leader in the birthing community.

Be a guest blogger with me.

Some ideas might include posts like ...
"Misconceptions about Breastfeeding", "6 Surprising Reasons to Hire a Doula", etc

"Meet the Midwife", "Meet the Doula","Meet the Lactation Consultant" etc

My birth clients get a monthly email from me

with tips, funny ways to celebrate along the journey, blog updates

and upcoming events & promotions from local birth professionals (like you)

I also include links to local birth pros' social media


Pricing & Packages

Maternity Sessions
start at $249

Fresh48 Sessions
start at $249

Birth Photography
starts at $1249

Newborn Sessions
start at $249

"This sounds great!  How much does this cost me?"


Money-wise?  Absolutely nothing.

When you refer Hartstein Photography and your client selects me as their photographer, that's when your client portal is created and you immediately have access to the high-resolution images of you working.

This is my way of saying thank you to the birth professionals who help me connect with families.

With the client's permission, I'm also happy to create a personalized professional 45-second slideshow of the birth, similar to the one above, highlighting you and your team.

Tools To Help You refer Hartstein Photography


To make it easy to share,

I️ have some tools you can request!

5x7 Physical Gift Vouchers

These are intended as a thank you for your best clients.  This gift voucher pays for your client's session fee ($49) for their next photoshoot.  I'm happy to mail out 5.  And then for every client who books with me, I'll happily mail out 5 more to you.


These are flyers that introduce your clients to Hartstein Photography.  I'm happy to drop off as many as you need.

Digital Vouchers & QR codes

Making it even easier to share Hartstein Photography, get a digital voucher to email or a QR code to add to almost anywhere you want to share.  The digital voucher gives your clients $100 to use toward their birth photography.  The QR code sends them to the website.

"To witness the birth of a child

is our best opportunity to experience the meaning of the word 'miracle'." - Paul Carvel, Belgian Writer

On the Blog.

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